The quokka grins – a happy chap
With photobombs and selfies
Fearless and furry madcap
Like a marsupial Ewok buddy
Friendly and oh so cute
Posing with random delight
‘The happiest animal on earth’
Is beloved for his open joy –
And fiercely protected

But from the sea, they drag another
The murdered Ming the Clam
Thrust a blade through his innards
For the quahog – death had no qualm
He kept his secrets til the end
Five centuries of a quiet life
Resting, feeding in the peaceful deep
Until they dragged him up, up and away
All in the name of science

Quokka and Quahog
Strange names to be sure
Wondrously odd creatures
But not the strangest here
This world holds wonder and terror alike
But only we destroy our habitats
Decimate other lives
At the whim of a flawed belief
That humanity should be king