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Day 23 #OctPoWriMo – A Musical Trolaan

Music seeks us, lifts the spirit, Melody that soothes the soul Makes all the world have merit May we all its virtues extol   Unite us all in the glory of sounds Undulating waves that raise up emotions Upbeat or... Continue Reading →

Kyrielle Sonnet for W.

Play your guitar minstrel - stay strong Plant a message and sing your song Folks will listen and your spell grow We will bask in your afterglow   Your words hit true as music snares People beguiled from woes and... Continue Reading →

Early Blackbird

She sits on the edge Of the raised bed Only a handspan away Challenging cat and human alike To chase, to speak To stare in awe at her audacity Her brown feathers preened And gleaming in the sunlight Streaking through... Continue Reading →

Christmas spirit

Carollers sing Tra-la-la Dashing over hills Decking halls Amid winter snows As three ships come sailing On a holy night While in Bethlehem A child is born And here on a cold, wintry street happy voices greet Smiling faces who... Continue Reading →

#28 OctPoWriMo – Belonging (Clarity pyramid)

JOY Singing Open hearts Choir voices rising Lifting hearts and spirits With harmony and and music "Music is a joy and release"

my poem My Heart, set to music and performed for #CultureNight2017

Picture isn't great, due to glare from the lights but sound is okay!/story.php?story_fbid=1953167841638630&id=1453570034931749

The Songstress

She sang like a nightingale The crowd was ecstatic Their cries of Encore! Were a balm to her soul Her hair hangs like midnight Her face totally hidden Tears course her cheeks For the wondrous applause

Serenity – a haiku quartet Check out for other poems of mine turned into songs, as well as original songs by Walter Curran and covers and traditional Irish, Scottish and English songs.

Burning Times

The witch stood at the door She had no need to stare No need for words or gesture We all knew she was there. The tree leaves quivered Though no breeze was there The birds fell silent in the glade... Continue Reading →

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