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Day 8 NaPoWriMo 2022

Sun rises on a new day -tree branches creakin dawn's cool breezeand we birds fill the airwith our song of joy:a clarion call to the worldto give voice to our thanks,our hopes and dreamsof a good day to come This... Continue Reading →

Early Blackbird

She sits on the edge Of the raised bed Only a handspan away Challenging cat and human alike To chase, to speak To stare in awe at her audacity Her brown feathers preened And gleaming in the sunlight Streaking through... Continue Reading →

Blackbird song (1st draft)

The blackbird he calls and chants his song His trills echo and carry to his mate The chattering and warbling grows into a tale That they know well and I eavesdrop On a glorious chorus of sound.  

The Songbird’s Voice

The songbird's voice is stolen It's heart is ripped in two Caged, with spirit broken It's wild beauty dimmed too. Sitting in a dusty room In a corner dimmed by night It dreams of forbidden freedom Of long-forgotten flight. A... Continue Reading →

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