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Strangely Wonderful

Seeking for a photograph To distract and hide the truth Rather than face my loss Admit that grief is drowning me Now I see the truth of it God's gift of distraction Each moment a hiding away Loving her by... Continue Reading →


I am enoughDoes everythingThat need I doDoubt without and withinRemains and yet changes-me-Changes yet and remainsWithin and without doubtDo I need that?Everything does,Enough am I? OctPoWriMo 22 Day 5


Spinning out of control Mind and emotion making me dizzyEverything counterpointedWeirding out and disjointedThoughts colliding, words misspellingThe discombobulation tellingReflected in thoughts and words and deedsStressed and strainedand misconcievedThe deaths they die on page scratched outReplaced and rewrittengouged in ink and... Continue Reading →

Quilt Star

Groupquilting beevoices soft and loudcombine with stitches and craftbeginner and expert striveto create and growshare knowledgeshow Quilttogetherall as one we sewskill criticised under breathsilently redone, unsaidplucking thread awayas tongues clucking makepure Hangthe quilt upgroup pride it swellshidden reworking unsaidthose who... Continue Reading →


The sky illuminated starkly whiteSkin and breath drawn in against abrupt shockAs sudden darkness smothers, blinds the nightAnd as eyes readjust, with awe I gawk Caught in my mind's eye, glows striking imprintThe lightning bolt sears with a thrilling flashEngraving... Continue Reading →

Shine Your Light

Today I strive to expand and grow Burn with my soul's passion alight A candle whose flame upright I throw darkness away Lift high my banner bright Creativity Is the best way To harness Inner Fire

Living her best life OctPoWriMo2021 #3

I watch the cat curled in front of the fire Paws and claws flexing gently as she dreams The old habits return each year without fail As she worships the warmth flicking her tail Paws and claws flexing gently as... Continue Reading →

Travel musings OctPoWriMo2021 #2

This journey repeats My own daily pilgrimage Tribute unending What if I stayed on the bus? Or I slept oblivious?

OctPoWriMo2021 #1 Cascade into winter

October’s weather anticipates the winter Clear, glassy days interspersed with heavy showers A pervading sense of winter looming Scarves are swathed, encasing like a mummy Gloved hands thrust into pockets deep October’s weather anticipates the winter Sun shines on autumn leaves... Continue Reading →

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