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February 2017

I am Me

I am the incubator that preserved my life I am my father's hand holding me up to the camera I am the girl who went before me, whose name I was given I am the dart stuck in my mother's... Continue Reading →

Poetry: ‘Hello Death’


I see Death creeping towards me Its self-confidence and strength is admirable It is bigger than I could ever be   Its awesome power will crumble my deepest inner foundation I know it will hurt but …

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Life Is Too Short To Stress

Live your life to the fullest Indulge in having fun Fill your home with laughter Enjoy every second you live If life is stressing you out Sing, dance, stamp your feet, shout! Todays are all we have Open your mind,... Continue Reading →


Inspired by watching the sound engineer when we were recording Nocturne

Be Bold For Change

The theme for International Women's Day 2017 & my contribution to one of two speeches I will be giving this and next month for International Women's Day. #BeBoldForChange @BeBoldForChange   Be bold for change Equality is not just a buzzword... Continue Reading →


Am I really a poet? Or merely writing down The wonderings of a meandering mind, That twists and turns And hops and skips Like a stone skimmed over water?   Or is this what a poet is – One who... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been alone a crowd? Have you ever been in love ...but never been loved? Have you ever dreamt of happiness ...but woken with tears on your face? Have you ever been cruel ...but wanted to be... Continue Reading →


The scent of autumn So crisp and strong Fills my lungs with song. I want to sing and dance Where the harlequin leaf Falls and rustles at my feet.

No Friend At All

I read this recently at the poetry group I go to and one of the members felt that it wasn't suitable for public consumption but I believe, like bullying, betrayal by someone you thought was a friend, is something that should be discussed

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