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#NaPoWriMo2019 #4 & #5

MAN'S BEST FRIEND #4 (Prompt: A simple sad sonnet) Dogs are man's best friend, the saying does go A dog's heart beats seven times faster than does ours Aye it is true, as far as we all know And so... Continue Reading →

Where do lost memories go?

In a dusty, forgotten, drifting room Piano keys move by themselves In the mirror-world she plays Stroking delicate, milk-pale hands Over chords seen through a fog In a faded armchair an indentation sits Where he watches, listens, mourning Through a... Continue Reading →

#NaPoWriMo2017 #23

To Fionn   O our white, winter warrior With your gentle heart and hard head Your sharkish smile and lolling laugh Your determination to walk ahead O our faithful, beloved companion It's broken our hearts to say goodbye The memories... Continue Reading →

Haiku #10

Heart sore, silent weeps. Forever gone – the days drag on Alone. You left me.

Haiku #4

Yellow buttercup path Leads to the gnarled corner tree Where branch is too low

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