Come, we are open for business
Your proposals we now can bless
The people are just mindless sheep
Let them talk and protest and weep but we digress.

The mine will be a huge success
With jobs and wealth we do obsess
We’ll dig for gold, we’ll delve down deep
Let toxins and poisons idly seep – this is progress.

The rivers so pure, we can transgress
Its protection we will suppress
With many handouts we do creep
Blind them with promises we cannot keep – noble largesse!

This mine will be done with finesse
Pay off the locals – buy the press
Cyanide and a huge slag heap?
There’s no risk in mining deep – work in progress!

But some voices we can’t oppress
Open eyes, ears and minds coalesce
And all the lies we spout and heap –
Pulled apart – but we will not reap what we profess.

When the waters flow and fluoresce
In foreign lands we will possess
Gold and minerals from the sheep
Who can die or leave – lives are cheap – more or less