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Colloquialism #NaPoWriMo2018 01

When I was young And going to school Our language was highly praised Mainly for its antiquity 'The closest you'll hear to Shakespearean English' Was a common phrase. With cubs and cuttys and weans (Boys and girls and children) Heading... Continue Reading →


Whilst never technically freed, Sally was permitted to leave Monticello after Jefferson's death, to live with her sons in Charlottesville, probably by Jefferson's daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph. Jefferson kept each of the six children as slaves until they came of age, at which point he freed them one by one.

#OctPoWriMo 1 – How did I get here?

Ireland, Britain; India too I travel back into the past Searching, always searching For another generation to tell a tale To find ancestry and knowledge too Many lives have been and passed To bring me to the here and now... Continue Reading →

Divisions 2017

Northern Ireland's Maginot Line Its Mason-Dixon, Rubicon, Hadrian's Wall, Great Wall of China, East and West Divide is fully in force! The map from these election results Is blindingly clear - There is no room For harmony, for rainbows, for... Continue Reading →

Patches of Work

Alone in a crowded room Hands flicker in meditative state As voices share the weekly news. Blocks of memory as patterns appear A story emerges from coloured cloth Rich palette of family history shared. This one was mine, I wore... Continue Reading →

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