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Day 29 #OctPoWriMo – Devolving Infrastructure

Train travel is a recent concept for me Travelling by bus to catch a train! They took our trains away long ago Before I was even born The beginning of reducing the conditions That improve standards of living Divided by... Continue Reading →

Day 27 #OctPoWriMo – Halloween tradition

Halloween beckons both young and old out: gathering up flammable things to burn - a bonfire build, what craic to be about! Old mattresses, tyres, posts- all took a turn, for risks and worries we had no concern! The pile... Continue Reading →

No risk?? #OctPoWriMo2018 #3

Come, we are open for business Your proposals we now can bless The people are just mindless sheep Let them talk and protest and weep but we digress. The mine will be a huge success With jobs and wealth we... Continue Reading →

Memories of yesteryear

Do ye remember the days we cut the turf? We'd hurry home up the road from school Throw off the uniform and bags to change To the normal oul jeans, wellies and shirts Then over the mountains or round the... Continue Reading →

Lá Bealtaine

Breathe in the warmth in the air Feel the happiness seeping in Walk through a doorway with no door Into a magical, liminal woodland Where fern and lichen and moss enchant And a forest ensnares the senses As blackbirds sing... Continue Reading →


To Ireland To home To our own native land To the mountains and rivers To the forests and streams To the lakes and fields To the towns and waters That round our island jewel ring To Éire Sláinte!


Green Land Cold Land Fair Land Blood Land Ireland. Fairest of Isles Home of the Children Drowned in blood Buried in bones Ireland.

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