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self doubt


I am enoughDoes everythingThat need I doDoubt without and withinRemains and yet changes-me-Changes yet and remainsWithin and without doubtDo I need that?Everything does,Enough am I? OctPoWriMo 22 Day 5

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #1 The darkness will not keep me down

When the night is black like pitch, With darkness creeping close; Staining everything it touches, Draining your joy and life Until emptiness is all that remains Remember always A tiny spark a forest fire will alight Its warmth and light... Continue Reading →

Brain drain

I am not a poet I am an idiot Simply writing down While I frown Thoughts in my brain Which steadily drain From within my soul On this paper to pool


Am I really a poet? Or merely writing down The wonderings of a meandering mind, That twists and turns And hops and skips Like a stone skimmed over water?   Or is this what a poet is – One who... Continue Reading →

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