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I am enoughDoes everythingThat need I doDoubt without and withinRemains and yet changes-me-Changes yet and remainsWithin and without doubtDo I need that?Everything does,Enough am I? OctPoWriMo 22 Day 5

Memories (a palindrome)

Memories Remembering I sit, wondering Reflecting, reliving Days gone by Forever past, not lost Bygone days Reliving, reflecting Wondering, I sit Remembering Memories

#18 OctPoWriMo – Everyone went on eating

Sickness Christmas Turkey and ham Sits everyone, still Eating Toilet calls Desperately Gagging and retching Violently Retching and gagging Desperately Calls, "Toilet!" Eating Still, everyone sits Ham and turkey Christmas Sickness

#OctPoWriMo #9 – Palindrome

Undead Mystery is she Ghostly and pale Smoke and mirrors Horror and wonder hides Ashes into dust turns Her undead heart Turns dust into ashes Hides wonder and horror Mirrors and smoke Pale and ghostly She is mystery

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