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Day 18 #OctPoWriMo – A Diatelle

Walk Ramble Thoughts gambol Sauntering feet Together we amble Past pink dog rose and meadowsweet Hearts beating to calm of nature’s drum beat We observe, point out, discuss and river birds squawk As the day cools down, sunlight does retreat... Continue Reading →

Day 17 #OctPoWriMo ABC Poem

Admiring the leaves that Autumn tosses to the ground Blowing this way and that before they stick Caught in the grasses that sway to and fro Daylight sun catches them ablaze in glorious technicolour Each one a jeweled marvel of... Continue Reading →

Chaotic beauty

Eyes filled with aweand heart with joy:sunshine glows on autumn gold -red leaves fall as infection rises.Lockdown looms againin an autumn haze of misty morningsand crisp, star filled nights -sound carrying conversationsand laughter from thosewho have congregatedin parks, benches &... Continue Reading →

Veto this #OctPoWriMo2018 #5

Mother O mother You are denied Your bounty is raped Away Life Is nothing Nor beauty either Only the money matters Now Nature Is doomed For man's greed All else is spurned Ignored Listen The birds Are silent now No... Continue Reading →

The Quokka and the Quahog #OctPoWriMo2018 #4

The quokka grins - a happy chap With photobombs and selfies Fearless and furry madcap Like a marsupial Ewok buddy Friendly and oh so cute Posing with random delight 'The happiest animal on earth' Is beloved for his open joy... Continue Reading →

Blackbird song (1st draft)

The blackbird he calls and chants his song His trills echo and carry to his mate The chattering and warbling grows into a tale That they know well and I eavesdrop On a glorious chorus of sound.  

A Pantoum of Nature #NaPoWriMo2018 22

Birds woke me early this morning Their song rose high and clear I was not annoyed to be woken so Their song was a blessing to my ear. Their song rose high and clear Through the town's urban noise Their... Continue Reading →

The Call of the Green #NaPoWriMo 21

Come, my little one, to the green In the trees, you will be safe All protected, no rack or ruin to harm With gentle air and burbling water Our summer leaves will not fall. We keep our own season within:... Continue Reading →

Rambling on #NaPoWriMo2018 20

I was busy today it's been a hectic morning I'm walking in the road And listening to the traffic Compete with the birdsong Guess who is winning? The day is warm and muggy The clouds look like rain I hope... Continue Reading →

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