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October 2019

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #5

Some days the strength is there To rise and dress and go to work Another day, another day And the days roll by Weeks, months, years Until the rut is so deep You cannot even see it - An old... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #4 Tetractys

Locked Gilded Silent pain Hidden away These words will never be spoken aloud

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #3 Hiatus

Strength and weakness Joy, hope, despair, pain Fear, love and desire All wrapped up inside This hollow emptiness It gives and takes away It is everything And nothing at all The ultimate symbol Of life

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #2

He slumbers on, our creator The curator We are his dream Each day a scheme A giant who might one day wake And our world break Fragments of sleep From eyes that weep A nightmare from which he awoke Where... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo 2019 #1 The darkness will not keep me down

When the night is black like pitch, With darkness creeping close; Staining everything it touches, Draining your joy and life Until emptiness is all that remains Remember always A tiny spark a forest fire will alight Its warmth and light... Continue Reading →

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