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Sonnet NaPoWriMo #9

How many days have you been gone now Mum? It feels like yesterday/eternity Time is meaningless and my days are numb My heart broken: there's no certainty Some are filled with agony and strain The next I laugh, joke and... Continue Reading →

Reunion NaPoWriMo #8

This is the whole world to me The planets revolve around us I feel the reason dripping from me As the sound of grasshoppers echo The tangy taste of excitement bites The horizon is beckoning - it doesn't look that... Continue Reading →

Wake Talk NaPoWriMo #5

We stand around telling stories -the more absurd, the better!Laughter and giggles break outall around the room;sloshing at my earslike the tea in my stomach:as we hoard all the memorieswe can gather at your wake Begin by reading Charles... Continue Reading →

To the Girl Before Me #OctPoWriMo2018 #7

You never breathed You never made it home Our parents gave me Your name So I feel that you Are always near A presence at my side To guide and protect You have no gravestone No marker here Other than... Continue Reading →

Reflections OctPoWriMo2018 #2

Reflections On death We say goodbye Your day is done Adieu

Surrender OctPoWriMo2018 #1

I say goodbye to you. Though I am not ready, I know it is the only way. Today I surrender you To a certainty of life. My love will go with you Until we meet again I shed all my... Continue Reading →

Untitled #NaPoWriMo2018 19

Death breaks away the veil Transitions both living and dead When I was four - but nearly five! I lost my favourite uncle I wept, I cried, hid under a chair! My child's brain learned loss that day But I... Continue Reading →

Family counts #NaPoWriMo2018 11

-1 I wasn't the first There was the girl who came before me Whose three names I inherited One I arrived in winter, premature And terrifying in my tininess I slept in a sock drawer Two My brother arrived in... Continue Reading →

Two’s Company

This is a short story I wrote in 2012

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