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Sliabh Truim

How many times my feet have walked Upon your hills and heather How many times my heart has sung To your glory in all weather Your grassy slopes and heathered top That in the summer purples Where curlews sing and... Continue Reading →



Today, I am shaky Anxiety spiking Everyone else looks happy Not I, I am shaky Head's all over the place Body rebelling Nausea, aches and pains Telling me to stop, go, stay, Slow down, speed up Leave, Hide, run away... Continue Reading →


Anticipation Anti-cipation? Aunty sigh patient Lol

It’s All In A Day’s Work

You spout lie after lie she said But the only lie here is hers You can check my email I call To her back as the door closes Of course she doesn't come back She'll check them tomorrow As she... Continue Reading →

Memories (a palindrome)

Memories Remembering I sit, wondering Reflecting, reliving Days gone by Forever past, not lost Bygone days Reliving, reflecting Wondering, I sit Remembering Memories


The poppies bloom Where e'er we look As once men fell Where the earth shook And cried bitterly. As families took Stock of the loss Stained fields forsook Untouched by all. Only Nature does look And recall by Red bloom... Continue Reading →

Power Rising

Only the power of a willing heart An open mind, a loving soul Ready to learn, ready to impart Ready to reach and touch its goal In this sacred place all succumb No harm can touch, no hurt or pain... Continue Reading →

Haiku cat

Ninja-like, She walks, Stealth in her step, tail flicking Whiskers read the air

The Gallows Post

The ghosts of the gate, As a random leaf falls, They cry out in eerie voice That shivers as the wind calls The wind it is rising Helping carry their dreams Ever lifting and falling From shadows they scream Ghostly... Continue Reading →

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