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The Songstress

She sang like a nightingale The crowd was ecstatic Their cries of Encore! Were a balm to her soul Her hair hangs like midnight Her face totally hidden Tears course her cheeks For the wondrous applause

Divisions 2017

Northern Ireland's Maginot Line Its Mason-Dixon, Rubicon, Hadrian's Wall, Great Wall of China, East and West Divide is fully in force! The map from these election results Is blindingly clear - There is no room For harmony, for rainbows, for... Continue Reading →

Where do lost memories go?

In a dusty, forgotten, drifting room Piano keys move by themselves In the mirror-world she plays Stroking delicate, milk-pale hands Over chords seen through a fog In a faded armchair an indentation sits Where he watches, listens, mourning Through a... Continue Reading →

Memories of yesteryear

Do ye remember the days we cut the turf? We'd hurry home up the road from school Throw off the uniform and bags to change To the normal oul jeans, wellies and shirts Then over the mountains or round the... Continue Reading →

The Empty Chalice

A new poem, work in progress


All is dark, quiet, warm Only a pulsing beat for company My heart beats in time with it Regular and calm All is rushing, swift, hurried Stressed, the waters are churning Syncopated rhythm Fear overwhelms me All is bright, noisy,... Continue Reading →


Corvus! He cried, you Trickster and thief! Old Stealer of souls, you go too far! soothsaying omens only bring grief Bringing pain here like an open scar Old Battlecrow, I call you out Doomsayer, your beak runs red As you... Continue Reading →

Serenity – a haiku quartet Check out for other poems of mine turned into songs, as well as original songs by Walter Curran and covers and traditional Irish, Scottish and English songs.

Burning Times

The witch stood at the door She had no need to stare No need for words or gesture We all knew she was there. The tree leaves quivered Though no breeze was there The birds fell silent in the glade... Continue Reading →

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