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#NaPoWriMo2019 #4 & #5

MAN'S BEST FRIEND #4 (Prompt: A simple sad sonnet) Dogs are man's best friend, the saying does go A dog's heart beats seven times faster than does ours Aye it is true, as far as we all know And so... Continue Reading →


Etchings on Time’s Face #NaPoWriMo2019 #3

Grey streak amongst the brown Laughter lines or small frown Lines that tell the tale Of emotions and life spent From childhood to middlehood We hurry through First school days Then workdays Weekends and holidays All gone in a blink... Continue Reading →

Day 2 #NaPoWriMo2019

The rain fell swiftly this morning Does the rain wait for me? Can it tell the time? And this afternoon again it came Is someone up there gunning for me? To drench me at home time? Do the clouds hover,... Continue Reading →

How to lift the lid on Pandora’s Box #NaPoWriMo2019 #01

Gather all the people Together in one vote. Give them a binary choice On something so convoluted You don't even understand All the connotations And permutations. Then lie, cheat, sling muck Don't worry about the truth It's all relative anyway.... Continue Reading →

The Merits of Getting Lost by Colin Dardis

via The Merits of Getting Lost by Colin Dardis

Not poetry but something I have written about before


Heart and Emotions #OctPoWriMo2018 #8 Tortured emotions Tortured heart Heart smitten Heart ensnared Ensnared by love Ensnared by hope Hope that grows Hope that swells Swells to fill the earth Swells to fill the soul Soul that warms Soul that... Continue Reading →

To the Girl Before Me #OctPoWriMo2018 #7

You never breathed You never made it home Our parents gave me Your name So I feel that you Are always near A presence at my side To guide and protect You have no gravestone No marker here Other than... Continue Reading →

Together We Stand #OctPoWriMo2018 #6

Loneliness is defeated And solitude chased away Let us roam together Through the woods By river, stream and sea No more the solitary life Confined to a single path We will conquer the world Step by step Putting the world... Continue Reading →

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