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#OctPoWriMo #9 – Palindrome

Undead Mystery is she Ghostly and pale Smoke and mirrors Horror and wonder hides Ashes into dust turns Her undead heart Turns dust into ashes Hides wonder and horror Mirrors and smoke Pale and ghostly She is mystery


#OctPoWriMo #8 – How could I have known

Love Where you are Is where my heart lies I had no way of knowing My life would be filled with you My forever love My best friend You

#OctPoWriMo #7 – Crossing the Line

I spoke out of turn Told a truth none wanted to hear I broke the line From friend to enemy In an instant Quicker than a blinking eye She hated me For telling a truth She didn't want to hear... Continue Reading →

Workshop attendance

Today I attended a poetry workshop, along with other members of my local poetry group - Open Door Poetry Group. Speaking for myself, I found it fascinating, more on the personal level than anything. It made more than I have... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #6 – Find A Path

Between footstep and breath I find release From the agitation Of thoughts That twist And burn From one step To the next Breathe, inhale And exhale Return to inner calm Turn dark to light Open heart and mind And find... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #5 – Not My Fault

I understand now That being bullied Was not and is not my fault I don't want the same things I don't wear the same clothes Or listen to the same music Or watch the same shows I am a geek,... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #4 – Where Poetry Hides (Haiku #13)

Like a will-o-wisp Flickering between the trees My muse eludes me

#OctPoWriMo #3

I look at my reflection Staring back at me - From a faded looking glass That has aged disgracefully. The age spots on the mirror, They warn of mine to be - Should I last so long As the years... Continue Reading →

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