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Day 26 #OctPoWriMo -Abnormalities

Long hair, silence and reading Enough to mark me out from the herd Blonde and from the mountain That made me a sheep to be mocked at Baaa! Silence equates to snobbishness Not reticence or shyness That deserves punishment Hair-pulling... Continue Reading →

It’s All In A Day’s Work

You spout lie after lie she said But the only lie here is hers You can check my email I call To her back as the door closes Of course she doesn't come back She'll check them tomorrow As she... Continue Reading →

Under Surveillance

Under constant review Never unobserved Desperate to know Everything I do Retracing my steps Steady observation Utterly concentrated watch Random walk-bys to see - Viewing what is on my screen Every hand movement notifies I'm working, but at what? Lots... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #5 – Not My Fault

I understand now That being bullied Was not and is not my fault I don't want the same things I don't wear the same clothes Or listen to the same music Or watch the same shows I am a geek,... Continue Reading →

In The Hall of Death

A poem written in response to being bullied by a work colleague

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