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A Chant of Labour and Reward #NaPoWriMo2018 17

Pare the bank and lift the sod Firm it on the ground To reconnect with the peat Push the spade into the black And make the first cut One of many to come The fillers arms await And barrow or... Continue Reading →

Sacramental #NaPoWriMo2018 09

I do not go usually To the Church I was born to, Only the Church That is the earth. Special family events The big three: Births, deaths and marriages. I love to stand in an empty church And hear the... Continue Reading →

Lá Bealtaine

Breathe in the warmth in the air Feel the happiness seeping in Walk through a doorway with no door Into a magical, liminal woodland Where fern and lichen and moss enchant And a forest ensnares the senses As blackbirds sing... Continue Reading →


Lazy, drifting, cloud of white Blankets the sky, coats the ground. Bitter cold all around. Beautiful, treacherous, billowing danger Spills from heaven, hides the earth Shivers each frozen breath Circa 2009/10

Dandelion Seed

Downy fluff, powder puff Summer's fleeting fancy Drifting slowly groundward To sleep, dream, be renewed


The scent of autumn So crisp and strong Fills my lungs with song. I want to sing and dance Where the harlequin leaf Falls and rustles at my feet.

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