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October 2017

#30 OctPoWriMo – Forbidden

Do not speak, young wench, of magic The cost may be sorely tragic Your life, my own, our liberty Forbidden lore by Church decree Come away child, from dusty books From familiars, runes and rooks Turn away now, my chickadee... Continue Reading →

#29 OctPoWriMo – Villanelle

Crying at the Moon I stood late last night Staring up to the moon The stars shone e'er so bright Hard not to believe such a sight Could grant any wish or boon I stood late last night I stood... Continue Reading →

#28 OctPoWriMo – Belonging (Clarity pyramid)

JOY Singing Open hearts Choir voices rising Lifting hearts and spirits With harmony and and music "Music is a joy and release"

#27 OctPoWriMo – The Scent of Flowers

This poem takes me back to many childhood memories of sitting hidden in the branches of the Bridesblossom tree in the corner of our garden. Reading, writing, even sleeping - it was a favourite spot of mine and best of all, no one knew I was there! The scent of those flowers was almost narcotic, I still gather some when I'm home at blooming time. Unfortunately I don't know what the real name of the plant is - we only called it the bridesblossom tree

#26 OctPoWriMo – Cascade poem

Walking mindset I walk along the roadside Staring at the trees At clouds that float serene My drifting mind, it wanders As ever do my feet I walk along the roadside Empty of thoughts is my head I watch only... Continue Reading →

#25 OctPoWriMo – The Taste of Satisfaction

What is my favourite food? How can I possibly decide That's like asking a favourite book Or song or walk or child! I suppose I must try If forced to put it to the test Something new I've made myself... Continue Reading →

#24 OctPoWriMo – When Lovers Meet

He loved her hair when he saw her first Her back was turned to him He courted her with books And comparing reading lists She wrote love poems for him Which she kept hidden Until a friend convinced her One... Continue Reading →

#23 OctPoWriMo – what is the message

Duty and Responsibility What quest is this, you have for me? A simple kiss, it will suffice. A loathsome lady begs thee, For this one simple boon. Regal kiss bestowed - Fair maid restored Sovereignty Renewed King!

#22 OctPoWriMo – find your bliss (Minute poem)

A Country Walk I walk along a narrow road Ascending - strode! Sheep baa, bees hum Tractors thrum Hot sun, beating down with no shade Down hill - a glade! Shady turning Water gurgling An old stone bridge, beneath the... Continue Reading →

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