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Day 3 NaPoWriMo 2022

The dew of the morning    Sunk chill on my brow— It felt like the warning    Of what I feel now. When We Two Parted, George Gordon Byron The dampness pervades Puckering my skin Against the cold light of... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #7 – Crossing the Line

I spoke out of turn Told a truth none wanted to hear I broke the line From friend to enemy In an instant Quicker than a blinking eye She hated me For telling a truth She didn't want to hear... Continue Reading →

Divisions 2017

Northern Ireland's Maginot Line Its Mason-Dixon, Rubicon, Hadrian's Wall, Great Wall of China, East and West Divide is fully in force! The map from these election results Is blindingly clear - There is no room For harmony, for rainbows, for... Continue Reading →

#NaPoWriMo2017 #17

Aphorisms and  Fragments A broken heart should only be a temporary thing But Time has a way of stopping sometimes -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Miss Havisham, you are an aberration Of all the precepts of humanity With vicious heart turned dark with grief... Continue Reading →

Rage, rage against the age of hate

We need change, we need to wake up now! I feel so frustrated, angry and empty of hope at the way things are right now in this world.

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