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Power Rising

Only the power of a willing heart An open mind, a loving soul Ready to learn, ready to impart Ready to reach and touch its goal In this sacred place all succumb No harm can touch, no hurt or pain... Continue Reading →

#23 OctPoWriMo – what is the message

Duty and Responsibility What quest is this, you have for me? A simple kiss, it will suffice. A loathsome lady begs thee, For this one simple boon. Regal kiss bestowed - Fair maid restored Sovereignty Renewed King!

#19 OctoPoWriMo – Foxy Florette

The Kitsune and her Lover Clever creature, Fox is cunning She shelters, hidden and waiting Watching her unsuspecting mate Many hours she has spent of late, on him spying He does not know she is living He doesn't know what... Continue Reading →


Corvus! He cried, you Trickster and thief! Old Stealer of souls, you go too far! soothsaying omens only bring grief Bringing pain here like an open scar Old Battlecrow, I call you out Doomsayer, your beak runs red As you... Continue Reading →

The Green Man and the Cross

I have always been fascinated by the Green Man and by medieval architecture and gargoyles. This poem was written following my attempt at drawing a green man in an art class!

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