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Spinning out of control Mind and emotion making me dizzyEverything counterpointedWeirding out and disjointedThoughts colliding, words misspellingThe discombobulation tellingReflected in thoughts and words and deedsStressed and strainedand misconcievedThe deaths they die on page scratched outReplaced and rewrittengouged in ink and... Continue Reading →

Day 4 NaPoWriMo 2022

Turn the tap on, just a tiny bit And watch the first trickle of words Roll and plop into the bowl Run them through your fingers Feeling them burst apart and reform Into new words and forms Perhaps this will... Continue Reading →

Day 30 #OctPoWriMo – why I write

Prompting from the ether, you have inspired my muse; so many use your special twists to find a path, yield a pen and write pain or love or loss or laughter – our relief, our expression, ourselves, our inner thoughts... Continue Reading →

Day 11 #OctPoWriMo: A poet’s prayer

My muse, I kneel and beg of thee - Guide my hand, inspire my pen. What prompting do you seed in me To inspire my poetry again? Scribbling and scratching words unfit - Your boon of eloquence permit. Thus improve... Continue Reading →

Early Blackbird

She sits on the edge Of the raised bed Only a handspan away Challenging cat and human alike To chase, to speak To stare in awe at her audacity Her brown feathers preened And gleaming in the sunlight Streaking through... Continue Reading →

#31 OctPoWriMo – Mysterious is the way

An acrostic poem to celebrate my first time with OctPoWriMo Many words, this month, have left my pen Yattering and battering from head to page Striving to create, learning to grow Teaching new forms and ways. Every day has been... Continue Reading →

#28 OctPoWriMo – Belonging (Clarity pyramid)

JOY Singing Open hearts Choir voices rising Lifting hearts and spirits With harmony and and music "Music is a joy and release"

#26 OctPoWriMo – Cascade poem

Walking mindset I walk along the roadside Staring at the trees At clouds that float serene My drifting mind, it wanders As ever do my feet I walk along the roadside Empty of thoughts is my head I watch only... Continue Reading →

#13 OctPoWriMo – Art and mental health , an ekphrastic poem

This is my own painting which I have now decided to call Don Quixote of the Orient, since the poem has given it to me.

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