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Day 27 #OctPoWriMo – Halloween tradition

Halloween beckons both young and old out: gathering up flammable things to burn - a bonfire build, what craic to be about! Old mattresses, tyres, posts- all took a turn, for risks and worries we had no concern! The pile... Continue Reading →

Day 12 #OctPoWriMo Green Clad

My body pressed against the tree's trunk Blending: I am invisible - A veritable dryad, green clad! Crouching on a branch, face mythical. The living tree no fear represents Heights safe in verdant embrace Green clad, a veritable dryad! Hangs... Continue Reading →

Memories (a palindrome)

Memories Remembering I sit, wondering Reflecting, reliving Days gone by Forever past, not lost Bygone days Reliving, reflecting Wondering, I sit Remembering Memories

#27 OctPoWriMo – The Scent of Flowers

This poem takes me back to many childhood memories of sitting hidden in the branches of the Bridesblossom tree in the corner of our garden. Reading, writing, even sleeping - it was a favourite spot of mine and best of all, no one knew I was there! The scent of those flowers was almost narcotic, I still gather some when I'm home at blooming time. Unfortunately I don't know what the real name of the plant is - we only called it the bridesblossom tree

#NaPoWriMo2017 #23

To Fionn   O our white, winter warrior With your gentle heart and hard head Your sharkish smile and lolling laugh Your determination to walk ahead O our faithful, beloved companion It's broken our hearts to say goodbye The memories... Continue Reading →

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