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March 2017

Brain drain

I am not a poet I am an idiot Simply writing down While I frown Thoughts in my brain Which steadily drain From within my soul On this paper to pool

Haiku #12

Sleeps curled, in a ball Black glossy coat. Night hunter In blankets well wrapped

Haiku #11

Perfect start today. Sleepy eyes open. Surprise! Smile Morning tea in bed.

Haiku #10

Heart sore, silent weeps. Forever gone – the days drag on Alone. You left me.

Haiku #9

Red leaf spirals down Hits the waterfall, sparkling Gone, vanished forever.

Haiku #8

Birds wheeling overhead. Clear grey skies, fresh winter air. Calm. Perfect. Serene.

Haiku #7

Anger needs release Rage and death need sealing in Pain needs excising

Haiku #6

Guilt drips. Eats my soul. Acid burns into bitter thoughts. End it all now. Do!

Haiku #5

Black dog bites fiercely Downward dark spiralling fall Glimmer of hope gleams

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