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Self doubt, self worry Self inflicted, adopted Unjustified, unwanted But everpresent and growing At the back of every thought, every breath is I'm just not good enough I'm paranoid, I'm afraid I'm a coward, I'm not strong enough The litany... Continue Reading →

Day 23 #OctPoWriMo – A Musical Trolaan

Music seeks us, lifts the spirit, Melody that soothes the soul Makes all the world have merit May we all its virtues extol   Unite us all in the glory of sounds Undulating waves that raise up emotions Upbeat or... Continue Reading →


Today, I am shaky Anxiety spiking Everyone else looks happy Not I, I am shaky Head's all over the place Body rebelling Nausea, aches and pains Telling me to stop, go, stay, Slow down, speed up Leave, Hide, run away... Continue Reading →

#13 OctPoWriMo – Art and mental health , an ekphrastic poem

This is my own painting which I have now decided to call Don Quixote of the Orient, since the poem has given it to me.

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