When I was young
And going to school
Our language was highly praised
Mainly for its antiquity
‘The closest you’ll hear to Shakespearean English’
Was a common phrase.
With cubs and cuttys and weans
(Boys and girls and children)
Heading over yonder
And watching you don’t founder (get cold)
Make sure you don’t get scundered (bored)!
With all the odd talk
Gríosach (greeshay) we used to light a fire
Or the cinders from the day before
And amadan was a fool
Sure couldn’t you nearly tell!
Boycott, brogues, the ubiquitous craic,
Clock, gob, hooligan,
Smithereens and slob
All find their source in Irish
Blackmail, clan, lassie
Golf, gumption, minging
Wee and pernickety
Scots gave them birth
We are an amalgamation
Of languages and nations
Our blood and heritages interwoven
Enjoy the diversity
Rather than berate and revile it!
We mix our languages in a fanciful world
Of images and emotions