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Shine Your Light

Today I strive to expand and grow Burn with my soul's passion alight A candle whose flame upright I throw darkness away Lift high my banner bright Creativity Is the best way To harness Inner Fire

Day 9 NaPoWriMo 2022

Asleep on my cushion, I'm dreaming Of chasing birds, balls and bottles! Of long walks with scents galore My feet kick out e'er more I outgrow bedding, Coats, toys and all My name sounds Good boy Max I thought I’d... Continue Reading →

#23 OctPoWriMo – what is the message

Duty and Responsibility What quest is this, you have for me? A simple kiss, it will suffice. A loathsome lady begs thee, For this one simple boon. Regal kiss bestowed - Fair maid restored Sovereignty Renewed King!

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