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The Call of the Green #NaPoWriMo 21

Come, my little one, to the green In the trees, you will be safe All protected, no rack or ruin to harm With gentle air and burbling water Our summer leaves will not fall. We keep our own season within:... Continue Reading →

#19 OctoPoWriMo – Foxy Florette

The Kitsune and her Lover Clever creature, Fox is cunning She shelters, hidden and waiting Watching her unsuspecting mate Many hours she has spent of late, on him spying He does not know she is living He doesn't know what... Continue Reading →

Lá Bealtaine

Breathe in the warmth in the air Feel the happiness seeping in Walk through a doorway with no door Into a magical, liminal woodland Where fern and lichen and moss enchant And a forest ensnares the senses As blackbirds sing... Continue Reading →

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