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My Valentine Constanza

When I first saw you, I did shake My unwary heart was ensnared By all the interests that we shared Just seeing you when I awake My loving heart rings with warm song Here and now is where I belong... Continue Reading →

Power Rising

Only the power of a willing heart An open mind, a loving soul Ready to learn, ready to impart Ready to reach and touch its goal In this sacred place all succumb No harm can touch, no hurt or pain... Continue Reading →

#24 OctPoWriMo – When Lovers Meet

He loved her hair when he saw her first Her back was turned to him He courted her with books And comparing reading lists She wrote love poems for him Which she kept hidden Until a friend convinced her One... Continue Reading →

#19 OctoPoWriMo – Foxy Florette

The Kitsune and her Lover Clever creature, Fox is cunning She shelters, hidden and waiting Watching her unsuspecting mate Many hours she has spent of late, on him spying He does not know she is living He doesn't know what... Continue Reading →

#17 OctPoWriMo – 50 words only

And the Dragon Chose Love And the dragon chose love And her laughter and joy No crusade against them Could harm her or the boy Her boy could sleep Dream of heart, soul and joy The war might come Never... Continue Reading →

#12 OctPoWriMo – Sestina

Love, Death and Hope "Here it is." No one ever says of death Instead we live in a blind world of hope Certain that we will never be left alone That our lives will be filled with eternal love Not... Continue Reading →

#OctPoWriMo #8 – How could I have known

Love Where you are Is where my heart lies I had no way of knowing My life would be filled with you My forever love My best friend You

#OctPoWriMo #7 – Crossing the Line

I spoke out of turn Told a truth none wanted to hear I broke the line From friend to enemy In an instant Quicker than a blinking eye She hated me For telling a truth She didn't want to hear... Continue Reading →

my poem My Heart, set to music and performed for #CultureNight2017

Picture isn't great, due to glare from the lights but sound is okay!/story.php?story_fbid=1953167841638630&id=1453570034931749

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