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always there

Self doubt, self worry Self inflicted, adopted Unjustified, unwanted But everpresent and growing At the back of every thought, every breath is I'm just not good enough I'm paranoid, I'm afraid I'm a coward, I'm not strong enough The litany... Continue Reading →

Day 31 #OctPoWriMo – Rainy Halloween

Shimmering Moon kissed silver curling Glowing as moonbeams lance from above   Fireworks bloom Against a purple sky Dark as the skin of an aubergine   Winds scatter Rainclouds that drift awry No children are hiding in shadows   Trick... Continue Reading →

Desires – Day 6 #OctPoWriMo

All I desire is enough To take the smooth with the rough   Enough to eat, drink, grow, wear, read To watch, sing, hear, learn – all I need   Sufficient unto the day thereof To live in peace, harmony... Continue Reading →

Still I Climb NaPoWriMo2020 #1

The walls grow ever more slippery - steeper, mocking; forcing me back; down into my place among the grime and the rot. But my spirit is spitfire! Ragged and torn as I am, imbued with fierce determination I ascend once more,... Continue Reading →

The Merits of Getting Lost by Colin Dardis

via The Merits of Getting Lost by Colin Dardis

Not poetry but something I have written about before

OctPoWriMo2018 is almost here!!

Artist friends #3 – LeeAnn Taggart


I'm so excited about NaPoWriMo2018! I've been on tenterhooks all week waiting for the 1st ☺☺ This is the group through which I will get my prompts if anyone is interested in joining

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