If I were you
If you were I
I think all would change
I know it would
Would I destroy
Would I lie
Lie to myself
Lie to everyone
Everyone who cares or not
Everyone who votes
Votes like sheep
Votes without thoughts
Thoughts for the future
Thoughts for peace
Peace so fragile
Peace so desired
Desired by so many
Desired by a people tired
Tired of the senseless loss
Tired of the lies and waste
Waste of blood and bone
Waste of hope and strength
Strength watered away
Strength not weakness
Weakness they want
Weakness does not retaliate
Retaliate to the madness
Retaliate to the evil
Evil of war and death
Evil of starvation
Starvation through falsity
Starvation caused deliberately
Deliberately crafted and wrought
Deliberately reducing populations
Populations terrified and hungry
Populations weary and defeated
Defeated by the hand of power
Defeated but not broken
Broken will be the evil
Broken will be the hand of power
Power is insanity
Power is greed
Greed that leads to destruction
Greed that leads to hate
Hate that eats from within
Hate that breeds contempt
Contempt for all life: hate
Contempt also for self