The lives that we lead
wind along a ofttimes confusing route
was it ever just a simple path?
a question I often ask myself
torrent of images invading my head
of things left undone or unsaid
darkness descends on the day just past
among the stars my thoughts now roam
the dawn seems ever so far away
gusty yawns beckon my slumber
trees tap gently to bid me goodnight

The challenge is to write a variation of an acrostic poem. But rather than spelling out a word with the first letters of each line, I’d like you to write a poem that reproduces a phrase with the first words of each line. Perhaps you could write a poem in which the first words of each line, read together, reproduce a treasured line of poetry? You could even try using a newspaper headline or something from a magazine article. Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy this prompt.

I chose a favourite of mine, Alfred Noyes’ The Highwayman