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October 2020

Too Much

Sometimes it all just seems like too much Too much effort Too much pain Too much laughter Too much heat Too much cold Too much food Too much drink Too much care Too much hurt Too much sorrow Too much... Continue Reading →

Day 22 #OctPoWriMo : Enchantment

Every time I lift a book new to me Never touched nor read nor discussed Chills run over me Here could be such a treasure Adventure may well lie ahead New worlds and persons to explore This is what enchants... Continue Reading →

Day 21 #OctPoWriMo – Foraging

Sweetness pulled from the branch And savoured in small bites that are never small enough All is soon gone and you reach for another An explosion of taste, of juices running Summer sunshine in your mouth Time and time again... Continue Reading →

Day 20 #OctPoWriMo – Feline Boundaries

Black coat shines - draws the hand and eye So smooth like satin, gleams thereby Yields not one inch, steel covered soft Eye unblinking dares hand to reach Touch beauty – do not I beseech! Sable coat purrs welcome :... Continue Reading →

Day 19 #OctPoWriMo – A Synchronicity

The books around here sit dusty Stories loved, read, cared for deeply Shelves not   Scent of rosemary carried in Warm breeze blows through open windows Dreaming   Ashes grey and white over coals Unlit fire where cat lies sleeping... Continue Reading →

Day 18 #OctPoWriMo – A Diatelle

Walk Ramble Thoughts gambol Sauntering feet Together we amble Past pink dog rose and meadowsweet Hearts beating to calm of nature’s drum beat We observe, point out, discuss and river birds squawk As the day cools down, sunlight does retreat... Continue Reading →

Day 17 #OctPoWriMo ABC Poem

Admiring the leaves that Autumn tosses to the ground Blowing this way and that before they stick Caught in the grasses that sway to and fro Daylight sun catches them ablaze in glorious technicolour Each one a jeweled marvel of... Continue Reading →

Day 16 #OctPoWriMo A Double Pictorial

Day 14 #OctPoWriMo : The Reckoning Falls Due

When the time has passed, the reckoning falls due How will you fare? I ask you. Only truth and reason can help find a way Out of the mire of lies and delusion you created   Dribs and drabs weren’t... Continue Reading →

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