Admiring the leaves that Autumn tosses to the ground

Blowing this way and that before they stick

Caught in the grasses that sway to and fro

Daylight sun catches them ablaze in glorious technicolour

Each one a jeweled marvel of chemistry

Fated to fade and nourish the earth they land on

Grass and roots of their mother tree

Harvesting the nourishment of their passing

Into their beginnings and endings

Just as we will all return to ours

Keeping the faith with the wheel of time

Leaving breath and soul to drift away

Mouldering body left beneath the clay

Nature’s system at work

On and on, ad infinitum

Painting a world we all occupy

Quantified by an essence all share

Rooted on a planet we should revere

Should care for as for ourselves

Treating the earth as our own skin

Uttering breath that comes from her heart

Voices that raise song and hymn

Worlds collide in that breath and song

Xerosis of leaves no longer

Young with greening – they decline at their