Eyes filled with awe
and heart with joy:
sunshine glows on autumn gold –
red leaves fall as infection rises.
Lockdown looms again
in an autumn haze of misty mornings
and crisp, star filled nights –
sound carrying conversations
and laughter from those
who have congregated
in parks, benches & corners
with nary a care in the world.
All the beauty bittersweet,
is grasped with desperate hands
that want to feel, to experience
each wonderful moment.
The threat overhanging always,
of necessity and obligation,
to forego this pleasure.
As the autumn leaves lie scattered,
abandoned by branch, twig and tree –
cast off like yesterday’s clothes.
We cast away this season,
with fervent expectation for the new
Red, gold, green, rimed with ice,
fragile and delicate, as the balance
between spider’s web and wind:
as are freedom and constraint –
tiptoeing around, in a dance
that cannot misstep!