Some days the strength is there
To rise and dress and go to work
Another day, another day
And the days roll by
Weeks, months, years
Until the rut is so deep
You cannot even see it –
An old habit that clings
With the tenacity of a vine
That cloaks and chokes
And smothers ambition
Until that final day
When redundancy hits
And the door slams shut!
And so you learn and relearn
And twist and turn
To new paths, new adventures
New faces, new habits
A new life that opens up
Opportunities; friends; stories.
Liminal moments arrive
When we least expect them
But just when we need them
To shake us from complacency
Teaching us to adjust,
Adapt, learn and grow.
So never be afraid to try
Or refuse to turn that handle
That opens to a new life.
Everything changes
And so do we.
Embrace it and live!