Gather all the people
Together in one vote.
Give them a binary choice
On something so convoluted
You don’t even understand
All the connotations
And permutations.
Then lie, cheat, sling muck
Don’t worry about the truth
It’s all relative anyway.
Grim reality
Slowly filters through
And the government
Must drag everyone
Kicking and screaming
Into a nightmarish place
Where neither choice wins
Because we all lost that day
Allow the
Truth and lies
To conglomerate
And promulgate
Exacerbating hate
Have vote after vote
All thrown away
On pettiness and power play
Until the monotony
And desperation
Gives extremism the day
The rest of the world
All stare in bemusement
Bewilderment, amazement
And no one can see
That all we have left
Is hope