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October 2017

#21 OctPoWriMo – Nothing Remains the Same

26 Shades of home (not 40) Apple Brunswick Celadon Dollar Emerald Fern Granny Smith! Harlequin Iguana?? Jade Kiwifruit Laurel Mint Neon Olive Prasine Quincy Royal Shamrock of course! Teal UFO Verdigris Willow Xanadu đŸŽ¶ Yellow-Green Zomp

#20 OctPoWriMo – Desires & Remembering

  You should be living Here to talk and sing and laugh Not gone in the spring   Many days recalled Of sun and laughter with you No more since you left   My heart broke in bits In those dark... Continue Reading →

#19 OctoPoWriMo – Foxy Florette

The Kitsune and her Lover Clever creature, Fox is cunning She shelters, hidden and waiting Watching her unsuspecting mate Many hours she has spent of late, on him spying He does not know she is living He doesn't know what... Continue Reading →

#18 OctPoWriMo – Everyone went on eating

Sickness Christmas Turkey and ham Sits everyone, still Eating Toilet calls Desperately Gagging and retching Violently Retching and gagging Desperately Calls, "Toilet!" Eating Still, everyone sits Ham and turkey Christmas Sickness

#17 OctPoWriMo – 50 words only

And the Dragon Chose Love And the dragon chose love And her laughter and joy No crusade against them Could harm her or the boy Her boy could sleep Dream of heart, soul and joy The war might come Never... Continue Reading →

#16 OctPoWriMo – Losing your fears and tears

Fears and Tears Before I began this poem I never realised How many of my fears Are connected to family ties. The fear of losing them Is always the most obvious But there are others too That only I might... Continue Reading →

#15 – OctPoWriMo – fighting the urge to vomit

Ode to the Odiferous Here he comes, the schoolboy With his personal ozone hole The stink of his deodorant Attacks at twenty paces I have the urge to hurl My breakfast at his feet The girl's overdose of perfume Invades... Continue Reading →

#14 OctPoWriMo – movement

Winter Moves - haiku quartet   I walk on old tracks The falling leaves splash colour Water breaks on rocks Clouds gusting overhead Small mammals burrow away trees sway as winds blow Colder nights draw in Words fluttering in my... Continue Reading →

#13 OctPoWriMo – Art and mental health , an ekphrastic poem

This is my own painting which I have now decided to call Don Quixote of the Orient, since the poem has given it to me.

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