The Kitsune and her Lover

Clever creature, Fox is cunning
She shelters, hidden and waiting
Watching her unsuspecting mate
Many hours she has spent of late, on him spying

He does not know she is living
He doesn’t know what she’s intending
Unaware, he opens the gate
And finds a girl lying prostrate, as if dying

He lifts her gently, heart thrumming
Her beauty radiantly shining
His heart is taken, her estate
Fox girl smiles at beloved mate, souls entwining

He is hers now, no more pining
They live with simple joy and loving
Until the day a lord so great
Does see a beauty at the gate, and starts a-plotting

He sends the Fox maid’s man a-warring
In hopes of his death ensuring
To leave the path clear to his mate
But oh! He misjudged her hate, cold and chilling

A fox outside the palace wing
Where lord and lady are dining
A shadow drops close near his plate
He eats and chokes, death now his fate, for his meddling

The soldier to home returning
Sees a loved ones face, tears blurring
Her arms hold close a gift shown late
A child of love proclaimed by fate, Magic’s stirring.

The Kitsune, her heart does sing
So proud her family is growing
With hearth and home, a loving mate
True love and place were her true fate, the gods offering