Love, Death and Hope

“Here it is.” No one ever says of death
Instead we live in a blind world of hope
Certain that we will never be left alone
That our lives will be filled with eternal love
Not for an instant will we contemplate loss
Ignoring the whispers from our inner voice

Lost and lonely, no words from a silent voice
When the end of happy days is found with death
As hearts grow sore and break with the loss
And the pain of knowing there is no hope
That a lost one will ever return to our love
The rest of our days, to be spent alone

All our days ahead will be by ourselves alone
No shared songs and music, just a solitary voice
That grieves and cries, remembering lost love
One who has gone ahead, along the road to death
And all we have to hold to, our forlorn hope
Is the dream that this is temporary, our grievous loss

Every lonely minute, hour, day, since the loss
Of a beloved soul that has left us alone;
Of the challenge to personal faith and hope
Leaves us feeling adrift, without a voice
That adequately explains the effect of death
On the glory that is a full and true love

Nothing will defeat the heights of love
Not arguments, not distance, not the final loss
No, not even the Grim Reaper dealing death!
In truth, in our hearts and memories, we are never alone
They give us the hidden path towards a missing voice
And we know it is true, our deepest, secret hope

The pain will pass away, powerless against hope
Believing with every breath in the strength of love
Yes, it will take time and faith to listen, hear the voice
That waits and loves on the other side of loss
True love means two souls can never be alone
And nothing can sunder that, not even death

Dare we hope following such a bitter loss?
Does losing our loved one leave us alone?
Can we hear the voice of love after death?