I look at my reflection
Staring back at me –
From a faded looking glass
That has aged disgracefully.

The age spots on the mirror,
They warn of mine to be –
Should I last so long
As the years this mirror did see.
I gnaw on the necklace
I wear around my neck –
A silver cross on silver chain
That is my comfort break.

The time is here, only too soon
Music starts, no time to wait –
The necklace drops and clings to skin
As I walk out ready, shoulders straight.
The Sun has set and night air calls
As the wind blows from the west –
Indoors or not, I feel the cool caress
As I walk on at another’s request.
The stage is set, the audience hide
In a darkened room, with lights that glare –
The mic stands ready as I start to sing
Words and melody the room to ensnare.