We write because we must
These words require escape
A release from being pent up,
Caged like wild animals, pining for freedom.
For the chance to explore,
To find a place in the world
All things need that freedom
To become what they are meant to be
Caged, they become only shadows
Of an original possibility with no nuances,
No depth that sits like a secret language
Known only to the adepts-
A hidden lore that waits for the ardent explorer
Who delves beneath the surface meaning
For knowledge and a glimpse into a writers soul.
It is said the eyes are windows into the soul
Perhaps the poet’s words are a mirror
Reflecting those eyes and their secrets
But in a manner that means we must look
Beyond, beneath, inside.
To travel like pilgrims on a quest
Searching for a holy grail, a golden key, or very source
And perhaps it is ask smoke and mirrors
A shattered glass designed to deceive
A ruse to force unthinking minds to wake
And see, feel, hear the world about them
A legacy to be explored, expanded, rewritten
Opening new pathways and philosophies
Lifting the masks of society to see beyond
To find a meaning in the banality
Poetry is a release of pain, tension, love, hate
It can be frantic, stately, effortless or strained
When the urge comes – write!