Earth Day

from ‘When We Two Parted ‘, Lord Byron


Today is Earth Day, let us all rejoice in the
Beauty of this home we have, with morning dew
And beauty all around: birdsong greets and tells of
The hope of a new day for a fresh start to  the
Routine and rhythm of staying alive morning,
Noon and night. Let us rise filled with love, not sunk
With dejection, despair or hate. Let there not be a chill
Of darkness on our greeting to the new day. Smile on
The world’s glory, breathe in the life-giving air. Oh my
Old friend, gather up your courage and don’t wrinkle your brow —
It’s time to take the first step in a new day. Let it
Be the first in your new life that sees the beauty your heart just felt
Lift your voice in song, gather all that love in one note and trill bird-like
Let the Earth know you see her beauty and appreciate the
Joy She has given you and and her children but heed too this warning-
If we cannot mend our destructive ways, of plunder and of
Pillage, we will leave nothing for the future. Is that what
We want to do for our future generations? Well, not I!
How do you think humanity will live? How will your descendents feel
Having their future curtailed by the materialistic now?