What if Presidents and Generals
Were corralled and stopped from
Sending drones and dropping bombs;
From using frontline cannon fodder?
What if they were sent to the front lines?
What if their own lives were the first at risk?
Would they stop all the conflict?

What if humanity held each leader accountable
For decisions that are utterly deplorable
For actions completely unforgivable
Would they still continue to go on
With the horror and murder and maim?
What if war and all its atrocities were banned
And everyone lived in peace with their fellow man?

What if these leaders are secret weapons
Of some vast galactic plan
Designed to rid the Earth of the cockroach: Man?
What if the Earth has had enough, says no more!
Rid me of this vermin, spreading like a canker sore!
They turn their greedy eyes and machines,
Having ripped up my body, towards my ocean floor

What if they succeed in their endeavour?
I’ll become an empty, lifeless, barren husk
I want to live! No, I don’t want to die!
Everything I create, they try to kill it
Oh brothers and sisters I ask you now,
What if they succeed in what they do
Do you think they will settle for dying too?

I don’t think so!