To Dad

It seems like yesterday we talked
And then it seems forever
No jaunty whistle, no witty sting
I’ll never hear your voice again
Not to talk or laugh or sing
The years are a lifetime
Six years is a lifetime
It’s just a few quick blinks
Sometimes I go for hours
But not a day passes
When I don’t think of you
I can never talk of books or films
And get your opinion
Or hear your opinion on my art
I can’t sing for you anymore
And have your positive critique
Stand up straight you said
Look the world in the eye
And really, I do try
Shoulders back and chin up
No such thing as can’t
In one of my poems
Many years ago
I likened you to a tyrant
I never told you though
You were actually our king
The last time we spoke together,
Do you remember?
I made you laugh cos we were lost
And needed a lift from ten miles away
I was glad of that last laugh in later days
Daddy, I’ll keep trying
And I never will give up
Because I know somewhere you see me
And know I learned to be
Who I am from you
These years of separation
Won’t last forever
I’ll see you again one day
When we are all together
To talk, to hug, to laugh and sing
But until that day comes
I must batter on
With head down and straight into
Any oncoming storm
Because that is how you taught me