Tears and fears and panic attacks
Asthma inhalers and ambulance backs
Anxiety, worry, pain and stress
My work is not good for my health!

Mortgage and bills and food and pets
Clothes, shoes and roof to keep out the wet
Long nights studying dwindling money
I don’t earn near enough anyway!

Crafting and making do and mend
Finding out new ways not to spend
Ekeing out and stretching thin
Weakened resources like paper skin!

Eating less and drinking more water keeps
Running on empty dreams and sleep
The refuge of the downtrodden and weary
I don’t see a turning on this road so dreary!

Love and smiles and laughs and song
Make all the difference to right the wrong
That careless society throws at the world
And gives me hope we can still be cured!

A poem, a word, a lyric, a verse
Can lift a heart that was in reverse
Can raise your spirits from despair
And help you realise someone’s there!

So take a walk, paint, sew or sing
Read or draw, do anything
But sit and worry and stress and fear
Because somewhere, someone is always near!