My cat Middy is a freaky cat, A dragon in disguise.
No, she doesn’t sit on a mat, She perches high and stares with unblinking eyes
She hogs the fireplace and licks the coal
She eats the cinders, gobbles them whole!

Our freaky Middy cat, We sent her to the vet
Neutering isn’t easy when a uterus you can’t get
But two ops she had and we thought all was done
Home she came, and our boring lives went on

Our cat, the Middy freak, she swole up like a ball
She couldn’t walk into the room, she waddled with a roll
Then off her food and butting with her head
Middy affectionate? Get the vet instead!

Now our Middy cat, she’s back with the vet
Who is a little taken aback by the stare she gets
Ketamine can cause that, our Middy’s natural condition
she’s a little strange inside, has confirmed our suspicion!

Our Middy, unnatural cat, had all the vets forlorn
None of them could understand the wacky way she was born
But now she’s home and made a beeline for her food
Middy’s home, the fire’s lit and life once again is good