My mum mentioned to me today
A family that she knows
Who undeservedly feel guilt and blame
For the forcible removal of their kin
By church and state
To live in Australian Homes.
I don’t know if they were adopted
Or if they suffered abuse as others did
But it set me to thinking of this age.

I walked the road in furious rage
Thinking of others plight
The forcible sterilization of native peoples
Still ongoing today
And deemed not a breach of their human rights!
The breaking of treaties by  the Great Orange Father
The theft of lands, of birthright, of power
I feel sick for the children who must go on
Living in the hell their world will become
If this idiocy isn’t stopped right away

A radio presenter in America
Calls for segregation of native children in schools
And is suspended, not fired!
Water protectors are gassed, shot at and beaten
By the very police forces sworn to protect
All in the name of oil and money and greed
People classified and declassified
To remove their rights and freedoms
What is right about that?

Here we have the threat of war
Returning to our shores
With green and orange battening their doors
Flag waving, breast beating bile
Ignoring the common man or woman
Cash for ash and border patrols
Are all the rage but what about the costs
of food, fuel, clothing in this nearly post-Brexit age?
The new iron (she wishes) queen sits in an ivory tower
While families are torn apart to demonstrate her power.

I am tired of all the hatred
I am tired of all the greed
I am tired of the racism
I am tired of the bigotry
I am tired of the casual spite
I am tired of all the destruction
I am tired of all the wars
Of all the deaths and ignoring of needs

It does not matter what you are
What colour
What creed
What age
What gender
What sexual preference
WHAT doesn’t matter but WHO does
Who YOU are
And how you choose to live your life
Do you care, do you feel
Do you have empathy for your fellow inhabitants of this place we call home?