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February 2017

In the wrong place?

Blue river flows Just below the surface Fingers brush gently The choice life or death.

You make my heart complete

You make me laugh You make me sing You make me want to dance You make me cry You make me sigh You make me feel entranced You make me whole You please my soul You are my life's romance.... Continue Reading →

The Treadmill

Wake up Wash up Eat up Dress up Walk out Work hard Walk out Eat up Chill out Slow down Sit down Lie down Sleep tight   And... ...repeat...


Being fascinated by Irish-Celtic mythology and history and living in Ireland, it is impossible to not think of standing stones 🙂

The Cost of Living

Who said you're dying, don't be so daft! We know you still can do some hard graft Can't you sit still an hour and lift an empty box? Then up off your ass and pull up your socks We don't... Continue Reading →

Elegy for a Crow

Written after seeing a crow lying beside the road as I walked to work one morning. Everyone just ignored the poor remains and I couldn't get the image out of my head


I stand on the mountain My bare feet against the clay My face turned to the sky The wind blows all around me Rain falls from the heavens And mingles with the tears on my face I know not whether... Continue Reading →

The Songbird’s Voice

The songbird's voice is stolen It's heart is ripped in two Caged, with spirit broken It's wild beauty dimmed too. Sitting in a dusty room In a corner dimmed by night It dreams of forbidden freedom Of long-forgotten flight. A... Continue Reading →


Image is Owl & the Moon (small, waxing) by Theodore Gillick, which I found unnamed and untitled on Pinterest. I felt it makes an interesting comparison for my poem.

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