Deep in the forest glade
The earth hums with darkness
The loamy taste of life and death
The eerie silence presses close

The trees turn inward
No living being comes near
The stones lie hidden, sheltered

The air is green, thick with promise thrums
The scent of expectancy hums

The waiting time is done.


Deep in the green woods
A lonely hollow hides
Cloaked by leaf and shadow
It shelters as it bides

Time had passed in ages
Since last it saw the sun
Since on upturned face it shone

Today a sound was carried
By the wings of the wind

Footsteps, cautious, come.


Deep in the darkling trees
A prophecy fulfills as a hand
To waiting stone, touches, trembling
And unheard battle cry is called

A new age is begun
With innocent life claimed
By ancient plot and rite

The end of days, for all
Is carried forth in frailty

The countdown is begun.