Hush said the wind

To the starry night sky

The owl is watching

On that branch nearby

Shush said the snow

As it blankets the clay

She’ll snap you up

As soon as you cry

Hurry said the frost

As it creeps to lay

If you have speed

It might yet save the day

Yes said the grass

As it bowed to pray

If you run under me

You might get away

Please said the mouse

Don’t give me away

Hide me and guard me

Don’t lead me astray


Listen to the wind

Sweetly it sings

Drifting silently

Carry my wings

Soft is the snow

Tales it brings

Etched on the ground

footprints it flings

Crunch of the frost

As your footsteps they ring

Tell me and guide me

Where you are hiding

Soft moves the grass

Gently swaying

Gives away the place

Easily betraying

Shush said the owl

As you all poke and pry

O shivering mouse

I’ll have you some day